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[britni here] Hi, thanks for looking at our salty candles. These 6 oz, beauties are poured by hand in Homer, Alaska, by MY MOM!! (You were wondering why the salt company had candles, weren't you?

We switched to lovely, hardy, tins that are safe for travel and/or rugby. (ya never know)


Which salty candle speaks to you?

  • Leave Me Alone Time (white lily & aloe)
  • Baby Moose Toots (bergamot & honey)
  • Mermaid Nipples (lily of the valley, jasmine, musk)
  • Lumberjack Fantasy (spruce-y woods)
  • Orangegasm (orange & vanilla creme)
  • Socially Distant (black cherry)


Each of these sassy candles has a funny description on the label and smells delicious. You'll have to trust us since you can't smell through the screen. 

Warning! This is a candle. This means that while in use, it will be on fire. So don't leave it unattended. Don't put your sweater on it. Don't knock it over. Don't touch the orange, hot, flamey part. Supervise your children while in use, and all the time.


Made by hand in Homer, Alaska.


*While these candles are salty in name, they do not actually contain salt. Since they are not meant to be eaten, that shouldn't really bum you out.