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[britni here] Hi, thanks for looking at our salty candles. These 7 oz, soy beauties are poured by hand in Homer, Alaska, by MY MOM!! (You were wondering why the salt company had candles, weren't you?).

Anyway, everybody likes a good candle. If you're an exceptionally observant person and you happen to buy one of these candles, you may notice when it arrives that the label says 11 oz, though I clearly stated above that they are only 7 oz. Hmm. Seems shady, doesn't it?

Here's the situation: We bought a LOT of labels for these candles because we knew that they would be a huge hit. When my mom first started making them they were poured into beautiful, glass containers. We started shipping more and more of these in our online orders and wouldn't you just know it, they started breaking all the F'n time. Shoot. So, we switched to lovely, hardy, tins that are safe for travel and/or rugby (ya never know). Only problem was, we couldn't manage to source a decent looking tin, with a decent looking shipping price, that matched our pre-printed 11 oz label that we already had a shit load of. We could eat the cost and toss the labels (we lost more money on the broken glass candles than we spent on the labels), however, this seemed like such a waste! The labels are so very pretty and we thought we could just over explain every step in the process for something that people won't likely notice in the first place. We are also going to stick a little note in your box about the 7/11 oz. discrepancy for good measure.

This is the last run we are doing of this particular line of candles before we order new labels, so we thought that you, the customer, would agree: "Don't throw away a perfectly good label! I'm an understanding person who felt like this company was honest with me about what I was purchasing and I will not report them for fraud." There might be one asshole out there who complains or causes a scene (there's always one)... But, we decided at a recent team meeting that we are going to go ahead and risk it and use these labels. #smallbusinessproblems #protecttheplanet #whocares


Which salty candle speaks to you?


  • Avocado & Sea Salt
  • Salted Caramel
  • Salty Margarita


    Warning! This is a candle. That means while in use, it will be on fire. So don't leave it unattended. Don't put your sweater on it. Don't knock it over. Don't touch the orange, hot, flamey part. Supervise your children while in use, and all the time.


    Made by hand in Homer, Alaska.


    *While these candles are salty in name, they do not actually contain salt. Since they are not meant to be eaten, that shouldn't really bum you out.