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Have you ever thought "Damn, I wish I could have a drink with those salty Alaska Salt Co. people!" You're not alone, because many of you have emailed us expressing this desire.  And now you can!

Join us for a Salty AF Wine Tasting on Saturday, April 24!

Sommelier Zoë Wilkins will guide us through a tasting of three wines expertly paired with three of our Spit Salt flavs. Zoë’s focus is on simplifying wines and telling their stories from vine to glass without making it complicated or scary. Wine should be fun!


How It Works

This will be a virtual event hosted by TeleSomm so anyone can participate! Purchasing an Event Ticket gets you access to the live online event party, a tasting guide for the wines and sea salts, and a recipe for the most delicious buttery, salty crackers. If you need the three salts (Original, BalSalMic, and Garlic Breath) we'll be tasting, purchase the Event + Salts so we can mail a trio of vials to you (shipping is included)! 


Before We Drink

Prior to the event, you'll need to go on a wine run to your favorite local shop, because for legal reasons we can't sell or distribute booze. #rulesandstuff.  You can pick up one, two, or all three of the recommended bottles, because we're here to have fun, not break budgets. We found Zoë’s recommendations for $20-25 each at our hometown shop in Homer, Alaska, so they are affordable and available. (Okay, so there was one that wasn't on the shelf today but they're going to order it for us and we didn't even ask, because aren't little local shops just the best?!)

If your brain is asking "But, WHAT wines?!" don't fret. We'll send you the tasting guide with all the info you need to find them. 

You'll also want to get in the kitchen and whip up some salty crackers using each of the three sea salts. If cooking a simple cracker freaks you out technically you could skip this step, but eating salty crackers is classier than eating pinches of salt (or so we've been told) so call up a kitchen-confident friend and make them together. We recommend baking the crackers on the day of the event (or the day before, stored in an airtight container) for the best crunch.


The Nitty Gritty

This event will take place virtually on Saturday, April 24, at 4:00 pm Alaska Time (5:00 pm Pacific, 6:00 pm Mountain, 7:00 pm Central, 8:00 pm Eastern). Anywhere else in the world, you're on your own for figuring out the time because you're probably better at it than we are.

Your tasting guide, cracker recipe, and link to the event will be emailed to you, so be sure to put in your real email address at checkout. If you also need the salts, purchase the Event + Salts by April 19 to allow for travel time. (We can't guarantee salts will arrive on time for any international orders though.) ... But do you *need* to have all the salts to join? Nope! If you only have OG Spit Salt in your cupboard, or hell, some other almost-but-not-quite-as-awesome sea salt, get a ticket and join us! We won't be asking to see your jar to certify that you're using our salt. But if you do have a collection of Spit Salt, this event will be the time to show it off!

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