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[britni] If you're hoping to find just the right gift for your Valentine this year, but also not trying to have to look that hard, or think too much, or bust the bank - look no further. We've put together this sexy little gift box of all things pink and lovely. I'd be impressed AF if my sweet bought this for me for Valentine's Day, or if he bought me anything at all, come to think of it.


This perfectly perfect gift set includes:

  • Tin of Love Chocolates
    • Our classic salty, snacky little chocolate bites with a pretty pink drizzle of ruby chocolate for this special edition available only for Valentine's Day.
  • Sea Sponge 
    • A silk sea sponge is the perfect applicator for our saltwater skin toner.
  • Skin Toner
    • Made from concentrated and purified sea water, witch hazel, and face-friendly essential oils.
  • Salt Bath Soak
    • Relax in the tub with this bright and citrusy rose-scented sea salt soak.
  • Cinnamon & Cedar Mega Bomb
    • This limited release bath bomb is available only in this gift set! #sospecial
  • Charcoal Face Scrub
    • Extra fine sea salt scrub with moisturizing oils and cleansing activated charcoal.
  • Pink Foo Foo Brine Bar Soap Stack
    • Peony, Rose Quartz, Love Spell, and Plumeria scented soaps