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 One of my new favorite hobbies is making personalized crystal bracelets, for my friends and family. I am now offering them to you.

Each bracelet will be made to order just especially for the wearer. Please allow two weeks for them to be made and shipped. If it will be longer due to order influx, I will let you know. If you are working with a gift deadline please let me know and I will do my best. 

I will need to know who it is for (you or someone you're gifting to) and some info about the person. Please include this info in the order notes [on the cart page during checkout] or reply to your confirmation email. Example:

This bracelet is a gift for my cousin, Sally, who is about to graduate from college. She is having a difficult time deciding what to do with her life now that she has her degree in marketing. I want to give her something special to remind her how amazing she is and how much potential she has.

The more info I have on the wearer, the more specific and special bracelet I can make.

These bracelets will be stretchy, with no clasp (as a pro bracelet wearer, it is the only kind I like now for ease of taking on and off). You can either send a wrist measurement or something like size M female or XL male and I will do my best. 

The cost of a bracelet and write up is $100 as some of the crystals are expensive and they take me a couple of hours to make // write descriptions. All monies will be going to our new kitchen construction cost.

There is free shipping for the bracelet. If you get other items from our store they will ship with your bracelet when it is done. If you want the salt items shipped right away, please make a separate order. If your bracelet has other items there may be a shipping fee unless you get above that $125 order free shipping rate.

If your bracelet does not fit, I will resize it for $30 (send a measurement to avoid this). This will cover shipping both ways and supplies for resizing. I will charge the same fee for a broken bracelet if you want to send the beads back, otherwise I can send you a supply list and instructions for restringing. None of mine that I made have broken so far and I wear them on construction sites and on the farm. But! ya never know.


 Cheers, loves. 


*no adorable baby chicken nugget included.