Bath Cubes

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Settle in for a nice, long soak with one of our fizzy, explode-y bath bombs!

Packed with good-for-you salt and relaxing scents, all you have to do is drop one of these cubes into your bath tub (full of water of course, but you knew that... right?). Then lay back and let the millions* of tiny bubbles transport you.

What sounds good? Treat yourself. It's tub time.

  • Leave Me Alone Time
  • Baby Moose Toots
  • Mermaid Nipples
  • Lumberjack Fantasy

Want to see one in action? Check out this video of one of our bath bombs doing it's thing, really well.

*We haven't had a chance to count the bubbles yet, so this is an approximation.

Note: Mermaid Nipples are now more purple-y than blue as shown in photo. We'd like to claim it's due to the magic of the sea, but it's really just how small batch production goes sometimes. #PurpleIsTheNewBlue