Fizzy Bubble Bath

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7.5 oz of Fizzy Bubble Bath.

Enjoy our bath bombs in a new, bubbly powder form! :) 

We are working on some *new scents* of bubble bath! When these bomb-flavs are sold out, they are gone. So stock up on your favorites!

  • Leave Me Alone Time (white lily & aloe)
  • Baby Moose Toots (bergamot & honey)
  • Mermaid Nipples (lily of the valley, jasmine, musk)
  • Lumberjack Fantasy (spruce-y woods)
  • Orangegasm (orange & vanilla creme)
  • Socially Distant (black cherry with activated charcoal)


ingredients: baking soda, epsom salt, sodium laureth sulfate (SLSA), citric acid, Spit Salt (sea salt), Alaskan spring water, avocado oil, coconut oil, fragrance oil, mica

ingredient additions:

Socially Distant includes activated charcoal and polysorbate 80 (a natural vegetable-sourced emulsifier that creates solubility between water-based and oil-based ingredients).