V-Day Kid's Gift Set

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[britni] Growing up, my mom always got me a present for Valentine's Day. I have not followed this tradition, because I am not as good as a mom as she is. BUT this year is different. I'm going to step up my game for the love holiday and THAT is the inspiration behind this Valentine's Day gift set for kids.

Designed with kids in mind, this rainbow-esque gift set could really be for anyone. Every single item in this box is my favorite (how is that possible) & my kids completely agree.



  • Tin of Love Chocolates
    • Our classic salty, snacky little chocolate bites with a pretty pink drizzle of ruby chocolate for this special edition available only for Valentine's Day.
  • Dreamcatcher Brine Bar Soap
    • Design may slightly vary on this limited release soap.
  • Magic Cloud Bath Bomb
    • It may look like an innocent white cloud, but a whole rainbow is stuffed inside this limited release bomb just waiting to make your next bath more colorful.
  • Cotton Candy Mega Bomb
    • This limited release bath bomb smells good enough to eat! But, don't.
  • Sea Sponge
    • Use this *new* larger natural grass sea sponge to suds up your whole body in the shower or tub.
  • Bubble Bath Scoops (limited release)
    • Each cute scoop provides enough sudsing power for a whole bath.