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Each 4" bundle is made in the United States by Faiza Naturals using absolutely no pesticides or growth hormones, and dried by the beautiful Southern California sunshine. Ingredients are hand-harvested and tied by hand.

Try a Bundle of Bundles!

Choose this deal and you'll receive three bundles so you can try them all, one each of [Palo Santo + Floral Herbs], [Orange + Cinnamon + White Sage], and [Lavender + Rosemary + White Sage].

Palo Santo + Floral Herbs

This harmonious blend of Peruvian Palo Santo, White Sinuata Flower, Lavender, Rosemary, and Cinnamon creates a truly enchanting and spiritually uplifting experience. When combined, these natural ingredients work synergistically to purify your surroundings, cleanse the energy in your space, and uplift your spirit. Allow the fragrant smoke to envelop your environment and invite peace, harmony, and positive vibrations into your life.

Orange + Cinnamon + White Sage

The combination of white sage, sun-dried orange, and a powerful organic cinnamon stick is soothing and purifying. Cinnamon is known for its warming effect, both on your body and on your mind. The citrus scent of orange brings vigor and holiday spirit to your home. White sage is known for its cleansing effects and the power to expel negative energy.

Lavender + Rosemary + White Sage

Lavender produces a calming smoke, ideal for cleansing your space of negative energy and creates feelings of peace and relaxation. It pairs perfectly with the mood and energy boosting effects of rosemary, which also promotes concentration.


  • Made in the USA
  • Packaging-free
  • Ethical, Fair Trade, and Sustainably sourced