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[Britni] 11/05/20

After a viral TikTok video and surge of orders, this little salt company is out of.. you guessed it: SALT. Ah! [insert panic emoji]

We are working around the clock to pack orders and keep up with salt production, but one thing is absolutely certain: we need to expand our little operation, which of course, will be pretty fucking expensive.

Many people have suggested a Kickstart campaign, crowdfunding (are those two things the same thing?), adding a tip feature at check out and even... DONATIONS!

Yes, people are trying to donate to our cause because they want some of that delicious Alaskan sea salt and probably have a soft spot for small, salty businesses... and while we are "technically" a non-profit this year, (fuck you, COVID) we are not a 501(c)(3) kind of charity. So we simply could not accept gobs of money for no reason..

No, we need to earn it, creatively. #challengeaccepted

All of these problems led up to this fantastic idea:

Let's sell  this (un)LIMITED edition, personalized, autographed copy of the 2020 Mountain Men of Alaska calendar that features none other than Casey owner/founder of Alaska Salt Co as Mr. August.

I'm guessing you have already seen the $100.00 price tag on this calendar and thought to yourself: "what the fucking fuck is this all about?".

Allow me to explain...

We need to raise some money to expand our operation, BUT it seems crazy not to jump on an opportunity when folks are willing to donate money to a small business. 

It just so happens that Casey and I (co-owners of Salt Co.) are both on the board of directors of our most favorite (actual) non-profit, The Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies, an organization dedicated to taking care of our oceans and coasts, as well as educating people on all the neat ocean-y things and how to not continue fucking up our planet worse than we already are. A wonderful cause, really. One that is quite dear to me. 

ANYWAY! We are always scheming ways to keep raising money for this fantastic organization that has taken a HUGE hit because of SFC (stupid fucking COVID) and our recent TikTok viralness seemed like a good opportunity to do so. 

We also thought it would be cool to spread the love and help out another sista Alaskan business out.. and who better than Kayce, over at Mountain Men of Alaska who does us all a favor, capturing the unique beauty of Alaska's finest men. AND, she just so happens to have a spare FUCK LOAD of 2020 calendars on hand from over purchasing #inventory #smallbusinessproblems (you should do yourself a favor and follow her business on Facebook / Instagram at the very least) (you're welcome).

So here is the breakdown:

You buy a calendar, signed by Casey, with your name on it (or the person you're gifting it to - put that shit in the order notes, please) for the price of $100.00. This price not only includes *FREE shipping but we are also going to throw in a 2021 Mountain Men of Alaska Calendar at *ABSOLUTELY NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU!!! That's right TWO calendars for the price of five. It's a splendid deal.

Of that $100, $25 will be donated to The Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies, $29 will cover our cost for both calendars, labor for packing and shipping and $46 of profits will go into a salty savings account until we have enough funds to purchase our next round of equipment. 

Then you can feel like a real life hero for supporting TWO small, Alaskan businesses AND an actual non-profit AND you'll get to see some sweet, Alaskan-man-ass. Wins all around. Plus, there is still over an ENTIRE month to enjoy the 2020 calendar :)

If you just want the calendar without all the feel goods, you can buy a 2021 here, for just $20 and we are actually giving the 2020's away with them for free [insert crying, laughing emoji]. But they definitely will not have that priceless signature from my super hot husband, Casey..


We will need to sell over 800 of these reasonably-over-priced-charityish-calendars to meet our goal, however, we'd all do a happy dance at Salt Co. if we sold even just one. Either way, we ARE going to figure this out because hustle is all we know how to do. 

Thank you for even considering this and if you're still reading, wow, thank you.


Oh, If you're feeling generous but aren't feeling a naked man calendar, we've got you covered with this expensive ass hoodie.


Be Well, Stay Salty!! -  Brit


*By "free" we mean, you're actually paying for it, but this $100 bucks includes it all. No surprise shipping charges, signing charges, handling charges, fine print or other shenanigans.. ok a couple shenanigans but that is the nature of the beast when it comes to salty salt companies. Get used to it.