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These light towels dry faster than a traditional towel (say goodbye to that musty smell!) and are compact so they make excellent travel buddies.

Going to a sunny beach? The tight weave on these towels resists sand from sneaking through. (Bonus: They look great on sand.) They're hard workers, too. Don't feel like going back to your room to get dressed for dinner? Wear it as a sarong! It's your vacation.

Personally, I use mine on the daily as shower towels. And I have a favorite one that I use as a travel blanket, because airplanes are almost always frigid (except when they're not). I totally pull it off* as a scarf while walking through terminals between flights (*I have never asked for feedback and usually fly solo).

Are you the kind of person who hangs tapestries on your wall? (I am.) You can do that with these towels, too! Seriously, the sky's the limit. 


Office Manager
Alaska Salt Co.

Made from 100% Cotton. (yay!)