A Boring Order Update 12/07/2020

Hello! I didn't want to bore everyone in the email about order updates so I kept it separately over here. 

Here are a few things you should know if you currently have an order in with us:

1. If your order contains a culinary salt item in it, it should ship by this Saturday 12-12-20. 

2. If you order does not contain a culinary salt item, It should go out by this Thursday with the exception of orders containing a Mountain Men Calendar, a chocolate bar or a dish brush or soap item - these items may go out as late as Monday 12-14-14 due to delays in shipments. BUT at this time, should still arrive in plenty of time for Christmas. 

3. The above statements are IF everything goes to plan and life doesn't throw us any curveballs! 

I guess that's it, that's all you should need to know :)


IF you want to get something in time for Christmas and have not placed your order yet DECEMBER 8th is the very last day possible that we will entertain the idea of trying to get it out in time. We won't "guarantee" it because who knows what will happen in this last month of 2020 but you betchyerbottom we will give it our best try and at this point in time it seems possible :)

Don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions :)

Brit and the Salt Squad.

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