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Trying again to put together my recent reading/listening list and praying to the technology gods that this version is not deleted [insert smiling/sweating emoji here]

I have been an absolute hermit lately, spending every free moment I get, lost in my books.
I've read so many books this year that I am not going to spend much time here reviewing each one, but if you're interested in knowing more, you'll have all the info you need to look them up. 
I'm not even sure where to start.. I'll try to sort by subject and only include books I've read in 2023!

Akashic Records. A new subject to me and I'm learning, is also new to many others, but it is a topic that really fascinates me. The Akashic Records are a universal collection of records, of every person, place, thing, thought or event in the past, present and in the future and some people try to access that information. I've finished 3 books on this topic: 

How To Read The Akashic Records by Linda Howe (I listened to Audio version and also purchased paperback to make notes in).

The Beginner's Guide To The Akashic Records by Whitney Jefferson Evans (I read the paper version)

Open Your Akashic Records by Cheryl Marlene (I listened to the audio version)

Of these three the first by Linda Howe was the most informational and accurate feeling to me about the records. I really enjoyed it and plan to read it again. The second by Whitney Jefferson Evans was a close second place, though it was less about Akashic Records and more about how to get into a mental place for accessing them. A great book for anyone who is new to meditation or soul searching. I'd highly recommend both books. The other book was alright, I enjoyed it but would't recommend it unless you're pretty serious about the topic and trying to learn everything you can about them. 
I loved these and feel so grateful to have my own copies :)
Next up, psychic stuff!

Signs and The Light Between Us both by Laura Lynn Jackson
I've listened to both of these on Audible, and am actually not quite finished with the second one, but I bet I will be by tomorrow. Laura is a psychic medium and this has been quintuple-ly tested by scientists to prove so. If you have any interest at all in connecting with loved ones on the other side, I'd recommend both of these books! love. I wish I could meet her, and get a reading done. But she is no longer taking bookings because she is already booked out many, many years. So cool. 

Psychics, Healers and Mediums by Jennifer Weigel 
Same genere as the books above though the author is a once skeptical, now believer, in the paranormal and has interviewed many gifted psychics across the country. I loved this book! Oh, and I listened to the audio version. 

Positive Energy by Judith Orloff M.D. - this book really opened my eyes to empaths and guided me towards a much healthier lifestyle, especially when it comes to food. I really, really liked this book and would highly recommend it to all. Who can't benefit from some positive energy practices?? I listened to this audio book. 
Next, Angel-y, soul-y past-life-y stuff:

44 Ways to talk to your Angels by Jayne Wallace and Liz Dean was a special read. I never thought I'd be one to be reading angel books, but, I had... an experience.. and have to say I am a believer now. Maybe someday I'll write about it :) I have a copy of this and feel like I will gift it to someone when the time is right. 

A Journey Of Souls by Michael Newton PHD - I actually have an interesting relationship with this book. It was one of the first books I picked up at the library when I began my spiritual journey, and I got sucked right in! Then, it got a little out there for me, so about half way through it I returned the book. About 5 or 6 books later, I felt like I was ready to receive the information that was in it and rechecked it out and finished it. It is quite intense and I am still digesting how I feel about it. I asked Casey to please read it because I really want to talk with someone about it. I also asked my mom to read it. Idk. I found it really interesting. It has really made me think about what happens to us when we die. 

Feathers Brush My Heart (True stories of mothers connecting with their daughters after death) by Sinclair Browning. This was a lovely book. I, thankfully, still have my mother but would highly recommend this book to anyone who has lost theirs in this life. I picked this one up at the library.

The Soul Searcher's Handbook by Emma Mildon. I loved everything about this book and just devoured it. If you're considering embarking on a spiritual journey of your own, this is a wonderful place to start! It lightly brushes many topics like meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, numerology, Akashic Records, auras and chakras. Fantastic! I borrowed this one from the library but it is on my wishlist to purchase a copy, it would be a great one to have around.

Because of my interests, when Casey went to the local used book store recently, he bought these books for me:
He is so incredibly supportive of me and my ever changing growth as a human - I couldn't possibly love him more. I'm the luckiest.

I've started the first two but haven't finished them yet.. working on my chakra books first (more on that) and I often reference the dream encyclopedia. So fun. 

And next, if you're still here you're probably pretty open minded.. lol the witchy stuff:

I used to feel weird about "witchy" stuff. "spells" "rituals" all words and things I never thought I'd avoid and only associated them with Disney Channel shows or Halloween. Once you get past the language barrier... witch is to hippie/tree hugger as spell/magic is to manifesting (done with a rhyme-y flair). I'm certainly not going to be reciting rhyming spells with a wand (at least not yet lol).. but I will be using herbal remedies and honing in my manifesting skills with more intent and purpose thanks to the beautiful findings in all these witchy books. 

The Green Witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock Oh this book. I love it so much I didn't just order it, I ordered a 3 book set by the author and I cannot wait for them to arrive. I accidentally picked this book up at the library on Saturday and also accidentally started reading it (I'm trying to finish my Chakra book before the weekend - more on that to come) but I'm already half way through it. I should just set it aside and wait for my own copy to get here but I can't put it down, I bet I'll finish it by tomorrow. This author speaks to my soul. This book is simply about how to live a lifestyle in harmony with Mother Earth, and it has truly changed me. I cannot wait to start my garden this spring and am so inspired to get to know my local plants better thanks to this book. I highly recommend!!

Lighting the Wick by Sandra Mariah Wright and Leanne Marrama This book was alright. I picked it up at the library and read the whole thing. Mostly, my takeaway was a new respect for candles and how to light them and enjoy them with purpose. 

Witchcraft for Healing by Patti Wigington. This was another library book that I demolished in a few days. It was my introduction to radical self care, though that phrase has popped up in many books I have read lately. This book is fantastic and another one that I hope to add to my personal collection! I'm trying to go easy on my book budget lately and can explain to you all why that is very soon - yay.

Mastering Magick by mat Auryn. I've been listening to this audio book off and on for a while and haven't finished it. It's not my favorite witchy book so far, but I do want to finish it. Possibly on my drive to Anchorage this weekend! 

Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham. I borrowed this from the library but hope to have a copy of my own someday. Its a good one to have around. 

Alaska's Wild Plants by Janice J. Schofield. I CANNOT believe I have gone this long in my life without this book. I haven't read the entire thing yet but will never hike or camp without it again and I do plan to read every single page about every plant - it is more of a reference book but I've finished about 1/4 of it (I'll go back to it when I am done with my chakra book). An Alaskan's MUST HAVE. Casey got this one for us, too. I had been looking for a copy. He's the best. 
I cannot wait to get my copy of this in the mail!!!
Next genere, Energy, Reiki and Chakras!

If you haven't noticed, I'm pretty much all in on my new soul journey. But one of my favorite discoveries through this process has been that of Reiki. I have started a few books on Reiki, but until I get my fist attunement, it feels pointless to continue on. So I have pressed pause (or returned my library books) and y'all... THIS WEEKEND I am getting my first attunement in Anchorage and I have been impatiently waiting for weeks. I am so excited. So I won't list the Reiki books here just yet until I finish them. But I will share the other energy related books I have read.. 

Chakras for Beginners by Emily Miller. I listened to this one and it was a fabulous intro book on the subject. 

The Encyclopedia of Energy Healing by Andy Baggott and Dr. Andrew Tressider. I picked this book up at the library and really enjoyed it. 

Wheels Of Life by Anodea Judith PHD is an in-depth study of the chakra system. I am hoping to finish this book by my Saturday Reiki class but it is a pretty hefty one and I accidentally keep reading my green witch book. It is fantastic so far. Another library book that I will probably end up buying for my collection eventually. 

Energy Healing for Animals by Joan Ranquet. I mean.  Y'all know me :) I've listened to this audio book. 
Last but certainly not the least interesting genere... CRYSTALS!!! [insert sparkling crystal emojis here].

Sadly, the library has no books on crystals (unless I've looked in the wrong places) other than the Crystal Bible (which is a crystal lover's must have) so I had to actually purchase the crystal books I was interested in, DARN! 
I have read these and reference them often, here is the list:

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

Crystals - The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing by Yulia Van Doren

How to Use a Crystal by Richard Webster - gifted to me by my sweet cousin.

Crystal Healing for Animals by Martin J. Scott and Gael Mariani (I haven't finished this one yet, actually but like what I have read)

The Crystal Bible and the Crystal Healer books are the best. Love those!

The Crystal Healer Volumes I & II by Philip Permutt

Anyway! There is my recent book list. I said I wouldn't review them.. but.. oops! If you have any book recommendations for me, please do share!! And since you read all this, you must be the tits.. so here is a nice little 20% off code for you: tits

Its all lower case and it expires on Saturday, March 4th at midnight Alaska time when I will officially have my first Reiki Attunement! yay! 

Thanks for reading. 
Love y'all!
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