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Fireweed Spit Salt

Fireweed Spit Salt

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As purpley-pink as the summer hillsides across Alaska!

Fireweed Spit Salt is made with the blossoms of our state's most iconic wildflower.

These pretty crystals add a colorful finishing touch to any dish, but pair especially well with sugar cookies or green tea ice cream. Or both. #purpleypink


ingredients: Spit Salt (sea salt), fireweed syrup (water, honey, fireweed petals), dried fireweed petals, citric acid.


This is a seasonal product, and when we run out of petals we may not have more Fireweed Spit Salt until the flowers blooms again in August.


Our Spit Salt varieties are now available in compostable tear-and-toss bags! Simply refill your empty jar or countertop cellar for easy pinching. (We recommend that our flavored salts stay stored in jars, not open on the counter in a cellar. But do what you want.) If you don't yet have a jar or are buying gifts, please get jars and vials! They're classy. But if you just need a refill, you can choose an eco-friendly bag instead. 

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