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Choose Toner + Sea Sponge for a lil' bundle savings on a bottle of toner and a natural sea sponge - a perfect pair.

Why Sea Salt Skin Toner?

Salt water has antimicrobial (bacteria murdering) properties. Not sure about you, but most folks don't particularly want micro organisms posting up on their face and homesteading for generations of acne and pimples to come. Nah, 86 those little f*ckers before they get too comfortable and ruin some family photos. 

Sea water has been used to treat wounds and skin conditions for thousands of years.

But our toner is not just sea water in a can, it has been highly concentrated and purified. It has witch hazel and face-friendly essential oils for the whole package of facey goodness. It's like spring cleaning for your skin, no matter the season. 

How should you use skin toner?

Shake well. Dab toner onto a cotton swab or wash cloth and apply to clean skin. Repeat as needed, especially when targeting areas with blemishes.

Whether you have dry, combination, oily, or normal skin (whatever that is!), our toner is gentle enough for everyday use on all skin types. We're seeing AMAZING results from customers who use this on sensitive areas prone to acne! 

Attention all men, women, and anyone else who regularly removes body hair using a razor: This toner also works wonderfully as an aftershave. Bye, bye, bumps! 


Alcohol free. Cruelty-free. Vegan.

100% natural ingredients. 

Made with hand-harvested Alaskan sea water.


the good stuff: concentrated/purified sea water, witch hazel, frankincense essential oil, lavender essential oil, vanilla oil


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