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Garlic Breath Spit Salt

Garlic Breath Spit Salt

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True to its name, this salt will transform your breath into a vampire slaying, super-weapon. A mere sigh will send a garlic blast so powerful that it will likely push blood-sucking, day sleepers into extinction. Garlic lovers rejoice.

While this salt has jalapeño, it is not particularly spicy. It has a wonderfully fresh taste.

Enjoy this on literally any food. YUM!! Try it on the rim of your next Bloody Mary. Double yum.

Made with raw garlic cloves and never dehydrated garlic powder [insert gagging sound] this garlic salt is the garlickiest, saltiest garlic salt you have ever tasted. Guaranteed.  

Ingredients: Spit Salt (sea salt), garlic, jalapeño

Wondering WTF Spit Salt is?? We got you.


Our Spit Salt varieties are now available in compostable tear-and-toss bags! Simply refill your empty jar or countertop cellar for easy pinching. (We recommend that our flavored salts stay stored in jars, not open on the counter in a cellar. But do what you want.) If you don't yet have a jar or are buying gifts, please get jars and vials! They're classy. But if you just need a refill, you can choose an eco-friendly bag instead. 

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