Salt & Vinny Spit Salt

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Due to manufacturer shortages, we are unable to source our usual packaging. "But I need salt!" you say. Never fear! We got you. We're temporarily offering our Spit Salt varieties in (eco-friendly, compostable) tear-and-toss bags! Simply refill your jar or counter top cellar for easy pinching. We hope to have jars available in October.


There are few things more powerful than the flavor duo salt & vinegar. This flave isn't for everyone, but for those who can brave it, why limit yourself to just the chip?

Pinch and sprinkle Salt & Vinny over your food. We like it the most on popcorn, eggs, and fresh cucumbers.

Ingredients: Alaskan sea salt, white vinegar



Spit, WHAT?!?! Homer is a quaint little fishing town on the southern coast of Alaska and is best known for its geographical landmark, THE HOMER SPIT. It’s a badass land piece that stretches 4.5 miles straight out into the ocean. The salt in this jar was harvested right from the Spit. Hence the dorky name. #spitsalt