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Extra fine sea salt and aloe vera are combined to establish a base for this scrub, which is what you’ll feel right away when you apply it to your skin. As you scrub and exfoliate, the salt will dissolve and fall away. You’ll be left with vitamin E oil to gently rub in and rinse. When patting your skin dry you will begin to notice the cooling effects of peppermint essential oil and the lovely notes of lavender. 

This scrub used to get its beautiful color from wild Alaskan rose petals, but they were a whole lot of pretty and not a lot else. So, we've replaced the petals with activated charcoal for an extra deep-cleansing boost. It's SO good!

There are no artificial or unnatural ingredients, additives, preservatives or dyes in this product.

Ingredients: Spit Salt (sea salt), aloe vera, lavender and peppermint essential oils, vanilla oil, vitamin E oil, activated charcoal