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Gift Cards

Gift Cards

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Ask (and ask and ask and beg and demand) and you shall receive! Alaska Salt Co. gift cards are here!

Our gift cards are all digital, so you'll instantly receive an email with a unique code to share with the recipient. No waiting. No wrapping. And no trips to the post office to stand in a line.




How will the recipient get the gift card after I buy it?

At this time, our gift cards are digital so no physical card will be sent. Instead, as soon as you purchase a gift card you'll receive an email with a link to the unique gift card code. You can then send this email to the gift recipient, or print the information page to include with your own handwritten card (or tape it to a bottle of wine or new car). 

Can I purchase a gift card for an amount not shown here?

You sure can! Send us an email with the custom gift card value you'd like and we will create them just for you.

What if I accidentally delete the email with the gift card code? 

Never fear! If you lose your gift card info, we can resend it.

When do gift cards expire?

By U.S. law, gift card values must be honored for 5 years after activation. As a little baby company that hasn't even existed that long, offering gift cards is a little scary for us. So we hope you'll want to use them sooner than later.

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