We have some exciting news!!


Casey, Holly, and I are taking on a new (to us) business venture!!! We are the proud new owners of ….

drum roll please…





Northern Vibes : A place where art of all kinds is inspired by great expanses of wilderness and cooler temperatures, where artisans are just as bold and unruly as the climate they thrive and create in.

This is so, so exciting, especially for Holly and me who have dreams of making our art works less of a hobby and more of a hustle.

This business was founded by my mother, who is stepping away from the role of business owner and embracing more time with her grandies. She is, of course, still pursuing her dream of becoming a master-metal-smith-er and going all in on her favorite art form: hand forged jewelry (which we will, of course, be slingin’).

Adding the entire collection of Alaskan art to our site will take us some time (I’m literally breast feeding as I type this) but you can check out what we have online so far, and come back soon for more. :) We will always update new releases in our email newsletter.

Northern Vibes will still hold a space in our summer Spit Shop and works will make their way into our Pioneer Shop as we get a grip on all this as well.

In the meantime, if there is a piece of art or jewelry you are hoping to find that we don’t yet have listed just holla.

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