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Sea Salt Shampoo

Sea Salt Shampoo

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This plastic free, package-less shampoo bar will not only help save Mama Earth from all of your empty shampoo bottles, you'll also support a small, Alaskan business! And look and smell good, too. #winwinwin

This bar of shampoo will last you at least 60 washes when kept nice and dry after use. (Need a safe place to store your bars? We got you. Our round cedar plank is the perfect size for these and our conditioner bars.)

Available in these yummy scents:

  • *NEW* Lilith Apple - a garden full of apple trees and sage
  • Queen Bee - Lavender and honey delightfulness.
  • Orange You Glad - Because if we said banana, you'd stop shopping here. This bar is a subtle mix of orange and clove and oh so yum.
  • Sitka Rose - A lil rose, orange, and pine needle combo
  • Unscented - no smells added



One of our customers sent us the following statement after using our Shampoo and Conditioner bars: 

"My hair has never EVER been this soft. After my towel dry, I went to put in my leave in conditioner.....and realized, I did not have to use it. The tangles were manageable, my curls only look this good coming home from the salon and really I’m just so impressed with your product."

& then we were blushing... 

Please email us with any questions about this shampoo bar!

P.S. If you’re too cool for shampoo Mohawks or loving yourself, you’ll need to pick a less salty & silly salt company to follow.



"I used my shampoo and conditioner bars for the second time today, and I had to reach out to you guys! I'm not sure what the fuck you put in this stuff (I read the ingredients), but there has to be some kind of magic as well. I have mostly grey hair, and live in Colorado where it is very dry. My hair feels so so so good! I bought my son the beard set for his birthday, it's not until June, so I'll let you know what he thinks. I'm going to order the shampoo and conditioner bars for my daughter and granddaughter. I'm so happy I found this company. Thank you from a salty ole G-ma!" - Lisa in CO


"I was buying fancy shampoos off Sephora, and would have to wash my hair twice a week. These are so much better, and so fun to use! We live off grid, and our water is pretty hard. This cuts through all that and leaves my hair so happy, ungreasy, and amazing. I recommend you to my other off grid friends... Are y'all wizards? Your stuff is pure magic." -Caroline in AK


"I've never used shampoo and conditioner bars before but I am now devoted to the salt bars. I have really short hair and there's not much about it that changes but this stuff is f*cking fabulous. My hair is soft and clean, fluffy and bright and definitely more manageable without doing anything more to it. I'm an older woman who's just trying to keep what little I've got left and  the spit salt shampoo and conditioner is perfect for my hair. I live over a mile high and have struggled with low humidity for decades. Thanks. This has done more for my self esteem than any anti-gravity product around!!!!" - Morgan in NM


"Just put in my order for more shampoo/conditioner bars because honestly these things are truly legit!  No joke, I put these up against some pretty expensive shampoo/conditioner brands and each time I come back to these bars. Besides being an awesome hair care product and an awesome air freshener, these bars are amazing for travel, camping, at home, in a boat with a coat by a goat well you get the idea - these are simply amazeballs!" -Kelly in MT




ingredients: sodium cocoyl isethionate noodles, sodium coco sulfate noodles, BTMS 50, cocamidopropyl betaine, shea butter, cetyl alcohol, DL-Panthenol (Pro Vit B5), essential oils, fragrance oils, germall plus, aloe vera, Spit Salt, mica

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