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We <3 our flower and tree seed provider! Born in America's National Parks (c.1992) as a supplier of live redwoods with interpretive packaging, The Jonsteen Company is a California tree company and nursery on a mission to share the joy, knowledge and experience of trees with everyone.



Sometimes called Common Poppy or Field Poppy, Papaver rhoeas is an erect, single-stemmed annual (which will self-seed in hospitable locations), growing up to about 2 feet tall. Rising from a bed of deeply lobed, fern-like foliage, each stem holds a single flower: 4 silky red petals, usually 2–4 inches across, which generally bloom from late spring to late summer. There's enough seed here to plant an entire meadow full of poppies — almost 90,000 seeds in all! Scattered in an informal planting, this seed will cover about 1,400 square feet.

a field of poppies


You can live pretty much anywhere from Antarctica to the subtropics and still grow and enjoy nasturtiums! With the ability to thrive across vastly different climates, Tropaeolum majus (better known as common or garden nasturtium), brings its unique beauty to yards, trellises, and planter boxes from areas with punishing, near arctic-level winter temperatures (-50°F) to regions at the opposite extreme, in the warmest range of all growing zones. With more than 200 nasturtium seeds included in this Grow Kit, you can cover roughly 225 square feet.



The seeds of Shasta Daisies are small, but mighty! There is enough seed in this grow kit to cover an area of roughly 500 square feet with an explosion of beautiful blooms. Each successful seed will produce a tidy clump of dark green foliage approximately a foot across with bright flowers shooting skyward on sturdy stems 2 – 3 feet tall. Orchestrate clumps of these beauties here and there by planting accents strategically around your yard or property. Or, put them into pots, planter boxes, or other containers for a burst of brightness on your patio, porch, or front steps. Choose where you plant carefully, because, if the Shasta Daisies are happy where you are, they may re-seed themselves year after year.

shasta daisies in bloom


Sunflowers are delightful and versatile. They grow quickly and give a brilliant splash of color in a remarkably short time. Few things evoke the beauty and brightness of summertime better than these sunny giants! This super fun Grow Kit gives you enough seeds to plant a whole patch of very large, impressive sunflowers, plus creative planting ideas and even a recipe for roasting the delicious seeds they produce (if you can get to them before the birds do)!

sunflower in bloom


Populus tremuloides, also known as “Golden Aspen,” “Quaking Poplar,” and “Small-toothed Aspen,” among other common names, makes its glowing presence known throughout all the great Mountain systems of the United States and Canada all the way down into the mountain ranges of Mexico.

As one naturalist wrote: “Where the deer bound, where the trout rise, where your horse stops to slather a drink from icy water while the sun is warm on the back of your neck, where every breath you draw is exhilaration — that is where the Aspens grow.” A gorgeous tree with unmistakable white bark and heart-shaped leaves in perpetual, shimmering movement, Aspens are a graceful addition to any yard or garden, providing beauty throughout every season.

quaking aspen forest