About the Salt Co. Diaries, explaining our weird email newsletter.

Hi, you must be new here. Welcome.

My name is Britni, or to some, "The Salt Lady". Don't be fooled by the "Lady" part. There is a time and place for keeping it classy and the email-newsletter-diary is not it. If you're a proper and pinkies up kind of person, this is not your newsletter!

As part owner/founder of this little salt company, I have been tasked with composing our email marketing campaigns. I personally happen to despise marketing emails. They are always cluttering up my inbox and my brain with "oh yeah I keep forgetting to unsubscribe to that one" (but keep marking them as "read" to make the notification number go away). So, I asked myself, "what would I actually read?". I want to write in a way that is entertaining and brings value to others by giving them a good laugh. 

By nature, I am a pretty raw, sarcastic person that swears a lot. These traits have DEFINITELY spilled over into my email writing. Like a sinking ship, my emails began getting more and more inappropriate; slowly at first, then all at once. Today, they are a real time account of my strange life, with absolutely no filter, whatsoever. I tried at first to keep things sleek and professional, but it was just so boring. The emails were boring to write and boring to read. I once pretended to tone it back in one of my emails and our readers started an actual revolt with a tsunami of replies. Click here to read about it (and as always, WARNING! MATURE CONTENT).

So, it is odd. We have a small, family owned sea salt harvesting operation and one of my main roles has become writing wildly unrefined email newsletters. It is very random indeed. However I ended up in this unique place, I like it. I enjoy writing them as much as I hope you enjoy reading them. 

Our emails won't be classy or professional, they will be real. There will be swear words, dirty jokes, confessions, opinions and unapologetic accounts of life. If you don't like them, please unsubscribe. If you DO like them please share with all of your friends and family because it sure helps our business. 

Consider yourself warned!!

- the Salt Lady


PS. if you aren't already signed up to receive the emails, click here to check that off the list. 

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