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Serrano Bullwhip tastes like the first splash of summertime. Alaskan bull kelp, fiery fresh serrano mash, fresh garlic, a hint of agave, and notes of tangy vinegar make this sauce full-on savor worthy. It'll ignite your favorite meals with a pleasing kick and bring out the best in your favorite meals.

Abundant in Alaska, kelp packs unmatched savory flavor and amazing nutrition  vitamins, minerals, it has it all! 

These hot sauces feature flavor first, heat second. A deep savory flavor from the kelp paired with heat from piri piri or serrano pepper will ignite your taste buds and leave your mouth warm. 

It also ages well -- buy one (or three!): eat one now, save one for later, and give one to a friend! 



Bullwhip (original Piri Piri) ingredients: Alaskan Bull Kelp, vinegar, water, tomato, vegetable oil, tomato paste, garlic, salt, piri piri, xanthan gum

Serrano Bullwhip ingredients: Alaskan Bull Kelp, Water, Vinegar (Water, Vinegar*), Fermented Serrano Mash, Expeller Pressed non-GMO Vegetable Oil, Agave*, Salt, Garlic, Green Ghost Pepper, Onion Powder*, Xanthan Gum 

*Certified organic

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