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Say hello to Fizz-Seas 3.0! Our salty bath bombs are now available as a set of TWO cubes in a box, featuring their sassy names and descriptions. And oh yeah, there's a SNIFFIN' HOLE.

What sounds good? Treat yourself! It's tub time.

  • Bomb Squad: Try them "all" with this one and a half pound set! The collection includes one of each of our six most popular 4 oz bombs (Leave Me Alone Time, Baby Moose Toots, Mermaid Nipples, Lumberjack Fantasy, Orangegasm, and Socially Distant). Packed with love into a custom box, this set makes the perfect gift for any bath lover.
  • Leave Me Alone Time (white lily & aloe)
  • Baby Moose Toots (bergamot & honey)
  • Mermaid Nipples (lily of the valley, jasmine, musk)
  • Lumberjack Fantasy (spruce-y woods)
  • Orangegasm (orange & vanilla creme)
  • Socially Distant (black cherry with activated charcoal)
  •  F*cked Bombs: Busted, not so beautiful bath bombs bagged up for confidentiality mystery. May contain wonky-shaped whole bath bombs, pieces of bombs, completely powderized bombs, or a combination of all these bits. Scents are also secret, so bags may contain just one type of bath bomb scent or a combination. [suprises! fun!]
  • Cozy Sweater: Lingonberry Spice -  a fun, seasonal smell you might just have to smell for yourself :)



Settle in for a long soak with one of our fizzy, explode-y bath bombs!

Our bath cubes are packed with good-for-you salt and relaxing scents. All you have to do is get your beautiful naked body into a tub of perfectly-hot-but-not-too-hot water. Don't forget your bath toys/snacks/drinks!

When you're comfortable, drop the f-bomb. The fizz-bomb, that is. Then lay back and let the gazillions* of tiny, salty, smell bubbles transport you.


Want to see one in action? Check out this video of one of our bath bombs doing its thing, really well.

*We haven't had a chance to count the bubbles yet, so this is an approximation.


Want to ship directly to your bestie, favorite aunt, and yourself? Great idea! Please place separate orders and use the recipient's address for shipping.


the good stuff: baking soda, epsom salt, citric acid, Spit Salt [sea salt], Alaskan spring water, avocado oil, fragrance oils, essential oils, mica

ingredient additions:

Socially Distant includes activated charcoal and polysorbate 80 (a natural vegetable-sourced emulsifier that creates solubility between water-based and oil-based ingredients).