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Body Scrub

Body Scrub

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for the softest, most touchable, smelly-good skin of your life:

Scoop out a pea or softball sized amount of scrub into your hand and WORK IT into your skin like there's no tomorrow. Scrub until the sea salt has dissolved away (or you hit bone, whichever comes first). Don't forget your booty! Rinse off and pat dry.

For an even better experience, try convincing someone else to do the scrubbing for you. Use this scrub at the end of your shower or bath for the most hydration.



The pretty pinkness in this jar comes from the handpicked petals of Alaska grown peonies. We could have used red dye 40 but that would not be nearly as natural, or as Instagram-worthy, as the hours we spend in magazine-cover-esque peony fields of Homer, Alaska. Plus, picking peonies is our favorite part of the job.



This cooling scrub is not for weenies. Start with a small amount of scrub in your hand and work into skin to gently exfoliate and see how you hold up after trying on a small area. This scrub is best used in a sauna or on a day that's hot AF outside.

Avoid sensitive areas: eyes, nose, mouth, anus, vagina, penis, taint, etc. If reading these words on a product label makes you uncomfortable, you're really not going to like getting scrub in one of those spots. Rinse and pay dry. Use this scrub at the end of your shower for the most hydration.



We won't lie (because morals/laws). This scrub contains little of our tediously hand-harvested Spit Salt. We created it so we can keep offering scrubs until we build our next facility - a fantastic future place where we can make MORE SALT for everything and everyone. As always, it's a kickass recipe with only good-for-you ingredients, and we know you'll love it. 





the good stuff...

COSMIC PEONY: epsom salt, Himalayan sea salt, almond oil, Spit Salt [sea salt], essential oils, citric acid, peony petals, arrowroot powder

SHADY LAVENDER: epsom salt, shea butter, sweet almond oil, Spit Salt (sea salt), lavender essential oil, vanilla oil, activated charcoal, 

TIT BIT NIPPLY (formally VANILLA FROST): epsom salt, Spit Salt (sea salt), shea butter, sweet almond oil, menthol crystals, wintergreen and spearmint essential oils, vanilla oil



Here's what Maria W. of Montana has to say:

"The Vanilla Frost Body Scrub makes an ordinary shower an experience! I love this stuff! I went from using it on sore legs as I trained for a half marathon, to now, pregnant with swollen and achy feet. Not only does it make your skin super soft and supple, but the freezing-hot refreshing sensation that comes a minute or two later is simply delightful, and one I look forward to. My only complaint is I’m now getting to the very bottom of the jar. You've got a winner here - Keep up the great work, Alaska Salt Co.!"

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