Salty Barnacle Mugs

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New pieces by Glazed & Confused Pottery are now available exclusively for sale in-person at our Spit Shop in Homer, Alaska. Come check it out! [Thanks to all who pre-ordered and waited and waited ... everyone's orders are now fulfilled and we are taking a break from offering these online so we're able to keep some stock in our store.]


Pre-orders were available until 4/14/22
(estimated to ship in late April)

Holy smokes our first batch of pottery went FAST. As in, we were sold out of salty bitch mugs 14 minutes after the email was sent out about them.

And THEN came the emails of devastation and mourning.

Liana is working away in her studio to make more and has some shipments of glazes on the way. As of now we anticipate the next batch of pottery to be ready in roughly 6 weeks. Of course, a lot could happen between now and then and there are, as we know, many supply chain issues right now so we are hesitant to guarantee anything other than: WE WILL WORK OUR TITS OFF TO GET YOU THE POTTERY YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT! No matter what the world throws at us.

And so. We are going to make these items available for pre-sale so that we can have a little more time for prep, know exactly what to make and not have a crazy ordering frenzy again when the time comes.

If you decide to pre-order pottery, anything else you order will also be held until your beautiful piece of usable art is ready for shipment. If for some bizarre, unforeseen reason the pottery will take longer than 8 weeks to be ready for shipment, we will let y’all know and you can, at any point, choose to have a refund instead of waiting for your piece (like, if you’re a crazy person you can do that) and we won’t judge you (but we will for sure swoop your pottery for ourselves because we are having a hard time not doing that already).

Let us know if you have questions!


You. Salty. Bitch.

You know you are one, or you know someone who is. But like, in a good way. In the way you don't let people run all over you, the way you stand up for others when they need it or the way you speak up when shady shit is going down. You're salty because the ocean made you that way and your inner mermaid cannot be tamed. From the taste of your happy tears to your hard working sweat.. You're one salty ass bitch. 




These barnacled beauties each take hours to sculpt and stamp and multiple firings to achieve their completed artistic statement. You can't be sad while holding one, it just isn't possible. A treat to the bold! Hear, hear to the salty bitches with good taste. 

This mug is offered in two different glazes: Silty Teal and Stormy Blue [insert hearts for eyes and drooling emojis here]. They will hold roughly 12-14 oz of liquid :)


Our ceramic pieces are handmade [exclusively for Alaska Salt Co.] by Liana of Glazed and Confused Pottery. Each unique piece is hand crafted by Liana in her home studio in Kenai, Alaska. There are no two pieces exactly the same, so the ceramic item that you order will vary slightly from what you see in these online photos. If you're feeling particularly particular about the piece that you want, please feel free to email us with questions and we can send you photos of the piece for your approval before shipment. 

But believe us when we say they are even more beautiful in person!