Fireweed Tea

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Fireweed Tea. Also known as Ivan Chai, Kapor Tea, and Rosebay-Willowherb, it is one of the oldest forms of oxidized tea dating back to the 12th century Russia. It was widely favored and exported to Europe centuries before the production of Chinese black tea. Alaska Natives have long harvested the plant for food and many other medicinal uses.


Fireweed herbal tea, containing wild-harvested fireweed leaves and local peony petals. Vanilla kissed figs float through a field of hibiscus and raspberry leaves, softly hugged by a smooth black tea tree. Caffeine-free.



Fireweed and earl grey blend, containing wild harvested fireweed leaves, organic bergamont infused black tea (caffeinated), local peony petals, and butterfly pea flowers. Courageous and sassy citrus flavors soften while wandering through a hibiscus and raspberry leaf scented field, pausing to rest under a black tea tree.


Both flavs are available in bagged [12 tea bags] or loose leaf [28.4g] packages, when in stock.


To Enjoy

  • Pour 8 oz freshly-boiled water over 1-2 tea bags [or 1-2 TB tea], depending on desired strength and cup size.
  • Cover and steep [2-3 minutes for Fog, 10 minutes for Fields].
  • Compost the tea/bag after enjoying!


Hand harvested in Homer, AK.