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If you're a fan of Barnacle Food's kelp salsas, pickles, or hot sauce ... you must try their seasonings! Shake them on your ramen, popcorn, whatever's going on the grill, and everything else.



This blend of dried kelp, toasted sesame seeds, bonito flakes, and a dash of sugar give instant richness to any food you top it on. Inspired by Japanese furikake blends, this mix tops anything from rice, seafood, meats, to salads or popcorn. Keep it in your galley and add flavor to your next dish! (2.5 oz)

Ingredients: Alaskan Kelp, Sesame Seed, Black Sesame Seed, Sugar, Bonito Flakes. 



Kelp adds a rich flavor to this classic bagel topping. Use this savory seasoning as a meat rub, tempura add-in, scrambled egg enhancer, toast, or a bagel, of course! (2.9 oz)

Ingredients: Alaskan Kelp, Dried Garlic, Dried Onion, Sesame Seed (white and black), Salt, Poppy Seed



Kelp infused seasoning, inspired by the flavors and traditions of the Alaska Coast. Beach side fires and rich billowing smokehouse steam, salty sea, with a hint of sweet. Rub or sprinkle on seafood, meats, vegetables, or even popcorn. For best results: drizzle oil, then coat and rub your foods with a generous layer of seasoning, then sear over flames or sizzle in a pan at medium-high heat.

Ingredients: Alaskan Kelp, Paprika, Sugar, Dried Onion, Dried Garlic, Salt, Smoked Paprika, Cayenne.