Sea Salt Bar Soap

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Scrub 'n suds your worries away with our salty soaps! These hefty, hand-cut bars are made with skin-friendly ingredients and stuffed full of scrubby salt.


Sitka RoseOur newest scent! A lil rose, orange, and pine needle combo

Homer Hippie - A powerful trio of peppermint, tea tree, and activated charcoal for a super squeaky clean

Queen Bee - Lavender and honey delightfulness

Orange You Glad - Because if we said banana, you'd stop shopping here...  A subtle mix of orange and clove and oh so yum

Morning Wood - Calling it Cedar & Sandalwood isn't our style

Northern Vibes - We finally gave Cinnamon & Pine Needle a proper name, after our sister shop Northern Vibes (owned and run by Britni's mom, Tami). #cute


ingredients: concentrated salt water, coconut oil, canola oil, palm oil, epsom salt, sodium hydroxide, caster oil, essential oils, Spit Salt [sea salt], mica. May contain activated charcoal.