Sea Salt Bath Soak

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soak in the love

Sea Salt Bath Soak and Rose Quartz crystal:

From the hardworking farmer (Michelle) who grew these peonies, to the moon who coaxed the ocean tide in high enough for us to harvest her salt, to the hands that carefully mixed and packaged these bounties together... every bit of this soak was curated with love of all kinds.

POUR soak and rose quartz crystal into a hot bath or foot basin. Breathe in the aromas of endless fields of flowers, each and every petal kissed with sparkling sunshine.

RELAX as love flows in and out of your body as easily as the air you breathe. Hold the quartz to your heart and think about all of your closest loves (your person, your children, your pets, parents, friends, and most importantly, yourself).

ENJOY the lovely contents of this little bag from Alaska, carefully cleansed with Palo Santo and made with so, so much love. Keep your rose quartz in a special place to remind you of all the love you have in your life.

*in compostable rice paper packaging* 

ingredients: love, epsom salt, Himalayan pink salt, Spit Salt [sea salt], peony petals, lavender buds, essential oils [rose, ylang ylang, & geranium] and a rose quartz crystal