Sea Sponge Exfoliator

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Silk Sea Sponges are responsibly harvested and make excellent exfoliators. Think of them as a cute little buddy to help you wash your face. Seriously. They are *so* cute.

Use a wet sponge on soapy skin to gently buff away dead skin cells and dirt. The minerals contained in natural sea sponges (calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, zinc, and potassium - oh my!) nourish and benefit your skin. 

These sponges also make the perfect applicator for our saltwater skin toner!

Our source is a small family-run business of four brothers who started diving for sponges in the Aegean, Mediterranean, and Black Seas in the 1940s.

Natural sponges vary in shape and size. We buy the largest silk sponges we can find, 3" to 3 1/2" in length.