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The Gentle Tarot Linen Edition

The Gentle Tarot Linen Edition

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Inspired by the common playing card deck, this edition is a modified size (70mm x 105mm) that makes riffle shuffling easy for all hand sizes. The linen finish will allow for the smoothest Gentle Tarot experience to date!

I recommend alternating shuffling art-face-down and art-face-up to maintain this new card stock. Please note that this cardstock is not at all comparable to the high quality/durability of the First Edition and Pocket Edition. It is meant to be easier on a budget and also an easier riffle shuffle for those with arthritic hands. 

There are a total of 89 cards. 81 tarot cards, including an extra Major Arcana card and two options to choose from for the Lovers card (non-human butterfly card or gender-neutral human card). The additional 8 cards are a colorful batch of Quick Reference Keys, sample spreads, Opening and Closing Intention, as well as a personal note and link to the PDF Guidebook. 

The aim of this deck is to create a version of the Gentle Tarot that is still high in quality, but easy on the pocket in terms of price. As I write the full-size guidebook I strongly feel that this deck wants to reach a broader spectrum of people, including those who come from a similar background as myself where money is not very disposable. Offering highly reduced domestic shipping and reduced international shipping is another way I hope to offer a more accessible experience.

The cards are printed using FSC Certified paper as an effort to limit the use of non-renewable paper sources. And as always a portion of the proceeds are donated to environmental conservation. 


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