Wholesale Beach Body Blowout Spray

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This spray is designed to give your hair that extra 'boost' that all of the people with fabulous hair seem to have - that full, voluptuous, beach-babe body.

There are many ways to use it depending on hair type. For straight hair it is recommended to spritz onto dry hair until damp, then blow dry. While on curly hair, it can be spritzed onto dry hair, scrunched and left to air dry for a quick and easy style. 

This product is simple, and natural with out any harsh chemicals or additives.

"I want you to know this is honestly the best blow out hair straightener I have ever used.  I use blow out spray every single time I blow dry my hair. Because I have curly hair if I blow dry it straight without a spray my hair will become frizzy and fly away hairs are everywhere.  I have used a few different blowout sprays including John Frieda, Tresseme, Garnier and bumble and bumble. Your salt spray is amazing for straight blow outs and I love it." - Keri Baker