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The Salt Co. Diaries

Is this your first email diary? Please read this fair warning before you just blindly jump in here.

Here's my last email if you missed it.
[Britni] Hi Salties :)

Over the weekend, Casey took the kids to Anchorage to visit his folks. I decided to stay home and work because we got our asses kicked by a fuck load of orders last week [more on that to come].

And, let's be real..  a weekend to myself?? Yes please.

The first thing I did was make my bachelorette weekend grocery list: 
My goals were to sleep in, as long as my sleepy little heart desired, guilt free with no kids around and:
  • fulfill all Salt Co. orders
  • clean the house
  • do all the laundry
  • clean out my car
  • finish a few paintings
  • work out
  • write this email

What actually happened:
  • I slept in
  • worked a lot but didn't come close to finishing all the orders
  • I made 5 TikTok videos
  • I had dinner with my dad
  • I took a 3 hour bath that I had to refill with hot water twice
  • Used up at least one set of AA batteries

Then I did disgusting bachelorette things. Absolutely savage stuff like what I did with this pineapple. I intended to eat this the next day so I didn't search for Tupperware that would fit it or cut it up.. I just did this:
Because.. no one was around to judge me for it, I guess. I'm better off with my husband around to be a better example for our littles. I would divorce Casey for less than this.. absolutely savage. I did that on Friday and it’s still sitting in there like that.. smh.
The rest of this email is less funnies and more of a house cleaning situation for us to get on the same page about our email relationship. Feel free to skip this one if you're just here to get your funnies and get out.

You've been warned :)

Anyway, like I mentioned, I hoped to get this email out last week but did not. My sincerest apologies for falling off the map after my last email.

Here's what happened. We needed some sales quickly, and I threw a Hail Mary into the email crowd and we got the touchdown we needed just in time for payroll and some big bills. Thanks, y'all! We have since then been busting our asses creating packaging and fulfilling orders. We've been short handed and running on a THREE man crew since then which has been tough, but we are making headway.

Just to give you all an idea of what an email like that is like for our sales:
So yeah. Casey and Holly weren't mad at all.
However, this model of marketing is clearly not sustainable.

1. I can't be that friend that's always hitting y'all up for money. No one likes that friend. (I mean, it’s in trade for fucking awesome products - it’s not like we are a charity, but, still.)
2. I think you're mostly here for the funnies.. 
3. Sometimes I feel like my salty marketing pitches are getting in the way of my funny content..

So.. this brings me, personally, to this question:

What the fuck are we all doing here?

Is this the point in our relationship when I realize that you have been coming into the coffee shop I've been working at, and I just suddenly realized, you don't even drink coffee!? You've just been ordering one because it would otherwise be weird that you're just loitering around. But, like, I'm really into this too... So we could hang out, not at the coffee shop...

We got this interesting email from our fan, Dave. 

Ok, if you're too lazy to read that email from him.. get out of here. Like, why are you here? Seriously though. That's what I am trying to figure out. Why are you here...

Go read it. 
So he's not the first to bring up this idea. But I will say, he is the first to sell me on selling myself. [you're a mf pimp, Dave].

Naturally, I wonder if there are others of you out there.. Maybe we could pivot this bitch and make everyone happy. 

Maybe there's one subscription email, full of inspiration and funnies but with a focus on entrepreneurship/hustle/boss ass bitch stuff with some inspirational, cutesy stuff sprinkled in.

Then, there's this current email that stays casual, keeps everyone up-to-date on all things Salt Co. and will forever stay salty - but will have a little less pressure on it to "perform."

You see, I have myself in a little marketing pickle here. I usually just write an email when I have something good and funny to write about OR if I'm majorly lagging on our sales goals [oops]. It is just way more fun to write these than it is to create ads on Facebook. And, we just don't do things like everyone else. We do them how we want to. But let's be clear on one thing. We are here to make some money.

In every Salt Co. interview I've ever done, I have said this:

I am not passionate about sea salt; I am passionate about being an entrepreneur. 

Salt will keep salting and we will still figure out how to sell it. BUT there are 20.7k of you now in this email land and I think we can do this better. 

I'll be straight forward:

My goals are pretty simple. I want to make a lot of money and write funny things and talk to people about their small businesses and talk people into quitting their day job and really going for the thing that makes them happy, then teach them how to tell their authentic story via social media and crush it. I want to inspire people to live their best lives and make them laugh while I do it. I want to win my first triathlon this year and publish my first book.

Just some tiny, little goals. Nothing much. I'm pretty sure I can do it all.

Now, I want to know what you all want.
I created this survey for you all. It's my first one ever, so go easy on me. 

I would be super happy if y'all would take 2 mins to do it. It's just 6 questions. Plus, don't you just love giving your opinion? I sure do.. obviously.. ha.

I don't have anything special to offer you in exchange for giving us your valuable opinion. I just want to give you good content and your answers to this survey will help me :) 
Of course, there is still going to be a discount code.. don't be weird. Enjoy 10% off of your next salty order with this discount code: 


This discount won't make sense if you didn't read the email from Dave.. and it expires on 02-26-21 at 11:59 pm ALASKA time.

It also still won't make sense if you're like me and don't know what the fuck Voltron is.. [sorry Dave]. But he wrote such a well thought out email I really felt like the code should be honored. 
I am off to Google what Voltron is and get to bed at a dece hour.. I've got an early workout because my ambition is out of confuckingtrol. 

I love you guys and this is the first step towards making our relationship better. We got this. 

- Brit


All pre orders from the last order have gone out by now EXCEPT orders with shampoo/conditioner bars.. we are sort of waiting for some very important supplies arriving by barge that are fingers crossed, arriving in Homer tomorrow!! We have the orders packed up just waiting for the bars to be tossed in. You can get a refund at any point if you're sick of waiting.. but the moment supplies arrive we will bust things out and have all hands on deck to get those out to you all. You're going to LOVE them. Oh my hair is so soft. Yay. 

Sea Salt.

Harvested by hand with love and respect for the ocean.

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