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[britni] Good evening and happy Tuesday.

In response to my last email, someone got their boxers all up in a bunch about me using the word "pussy" to describe the storm that happened down in the lower middle. They informed that the word is sexist and derogatory and some other stuff I already forgot about because it really got me thinking about the word pussy and why I like it so much.

I don't believe words can be sexist or derogatory. The people who misuse them are. Words are only words.

Since it's national women's day and month or stuff, seems like appropriate timing to explore this one.
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First of all I love cats and women's genitals are pretty great, too (they are most certainly more sightly and welcoming than the other kind of genitals). I love using this word because I identify with it on every level. Between my two pet cats and my own she-taco, I've got all the pussy bases covered. 

I understand why some people are offended when "weak or cowardly" men are compared to women, and their genitals specifically. ..  Of course I think that women and men should be thought of and treated as equals and I truly believe that we are equal.

We sure are different.

Men typically are bigger, faster, stronger. Shit.. I tell Casey all the time that if we were to live a day in each other's bodies he would literally feel disabled and I would feel like a fucking superhero. He would feel slow, and weak, and short, and I would, quite honestly, probably just jack off immediately because I am so curious about what that would be like.. 
Anyway.. none of that bothers me.

I can make babies with my body, with only a seed from a man. I think we all know the true powers of a woman's body and they go far beyond human creation. 

In nature, I believe the powers are equal and, ultimately, there is a balance to it all. I'm not only OK with being a woman, and being very different from men, I think that we should celebrate our differences. How boring if we were all the same!! I am smaller and weaker than Casey, which is why wherever we go he sleeps on the door side of the bed so he can protect me and I am grateful for that. He was grateful to my woman body when it nursed our daughter and he could still eat hot wings without consequence. 

We depend on each other in many ways, some of which are typical of cultural gender roles and some that are not. Casey does most (literally all) of the cooking and I, well, I am sure I'll eventually think of something man-ish that I do. Actually, I had to use a screwdriver to remove the exterior casing of the lint trap in our dryer recently, because Casey wasn't home. And I did all the stuff and the things and put it all back together again. 

We are both capable of doing all of these things as individuals but when we come together as a team, it only makes sense to put someone in the lanes that are congruent with their strengths. What is important is that we see and treat each other as equal partners: in business, as parents, and life in general.

Now, when I have been treated unequally, specifically because I am a woman, particularly in the business world, I tell it like it is and demand respect appropriately. Being equal begins with believing you are equal and refusing to accept anything otherwise. 

But if I am not pulling my weight, being a chicken-shit, cry-baby-wah-wah about something and need someone to tell me like it is so I can pull my head out of my ass - then you bet being called a pussy oughta set me right straight. And, we all need that every now and again. A little fire lit under our ass. 
^ seriously though [insert crying/laughing with lipstick emoji]
I am so confident in being equal to men, it doesn't bother me one bit that when they are being sub-par in the manly-man department they get compared to my lady clam. I know who I am and I love who I am. Now, is a person who is calling someone else a pussy, being a dick? probably. And that there is the real root of the problem.

See, it's not the word that is bad or offensive, it's the intent behind it. 

But, as somewhat of an expert on the topic, since I have one, and I've birthed one, and have two pet ones, I feel rather entitled to using the word pussy. I never want to hurt people's feelings on purpose, which is why I have set up many warnings to these emails. They are not for everyone and are meant to be funny. They are... not for pussies, if you will. 

If I had written "that weak, cowardly storm" y'all would've fallen asleep reading. Swear words are edgy. They are powerful. They are show stoppers and, secretly, we all love them. They are a lot like pussies, come to think of it. 
No matter who or what gender you identify with, feel free to buy some salt and use this discount code:


For 10% off of your entire order. Offer Expires 3-14-21 at 11:59 pm Alaska time, whether you identify as a man or a woman or a Picachu. The code is the same for all your salty asses.
*Disclaimer: everything I wrote above is intended to be inclusive of every gender and/or non-gender and everything in between. I respect everyone and how they identify and appreciate each individual human on earth as a unique being :) I'm speaking in generals as someone with a pussy (and/or vagina, depending on my mood) who identifies as female and is married to a manly, male with a dick-penis. 

Written with peace, love and always.. lots of salt.

- Britni

PS. I must be the first person to use the word pussy 14 (now 15) times in a marketing email for a small, family owned salt company. #progressivesaltselling #pioneerofpussyinmarketing #16

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