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These jams and jellies from Barnacle Foods* are as Alaskan as it gets! Each variety contains only three ingredients: the star of the show, sugar, and pectin. Rhubarb, spruce, and blueberries are plentiful in our state and each ~cute~ jar is packed with Alaskan love.

[*While Barnacle is famous for their kelp-based salsas, pickles, and hot sauce, these jams and jellies are seaweed-free. If this disappoints you, please see said salsas, pickles, and hot sauce because we carry those, too. Also, you're kinda a weirdo and we like that.]



During late springtime in Alaska, our state tree gifts us with new growth in the form of soft, vibrant-green, citrus-y spruce tips. In addition to being tasty, spruce tips are packed with Vitamin C! Try mixing the jelly in a cocktail or pair with your favorite cheese.

ingredients: spruce tip infusion (water, spruce tips), sugar, pectin



Rhubarb holds a special place in the hearts of Alaskans. Once established, it's as reliable as dirt and no backyard is really complete without a plant or two or three. It's also a show-off and can grow taller than a person by mid-summer. Try this tart and fruity jam on chicken or duck, spread on a salmon fillet, or dolloped on vanilla ice cream. (Have you noticed that almost anything works on vanilla ice cream?!)

ingredients: rhubarb puree (rhubarb, water), sugar, pectin



Can't get to the rainforest of Southeast Alaska to go berry picking? Here's the next best thing, because these blueberries are literally plucked from bushes growing in the coastal areas of the Tongass National [rain]Forest. Not to brag, but it's THE LARGEST national forest in the United States. (Oops, we bragged.) Your Aunt Sue might grow bigger berries in her yard in Michigan, but our wild Alaskan blueberries will blow your mind with their flavor and tartness. Spread on buttered toast and stuff it in your face.

ingredients: wild Alaskan blueberries, sugar, pectin


*The 2020 blueberry harvest wasn't large enough to make this jam, so it will remain out of stock until at least late summer 2021.


** Thank you for your patience with us as we transition to new packaging! The items listed will be the same on the inside but the packaging on the outside may be different from the photo listed. **