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Jams & Jellies

Jams & Jellies

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This jelly from Barnacle Foods* is as Alaskan as it gets! It contains only three ingredients: the star of the show, sugar, and pectin. Spruce trees are plentiful in our state and each ~cute~ jar is packed with Alaskan love.

[*While Barnacle is famous for their kelp-based hot sauces, seasonings, and chili crisp, this jelly is seaweed-free. If this disappoints you, please see said hot sauces, seasonings, and chili crisp because we carry those, too. Also, you're kinda a weirdo and we like that.]



During late springtime in Alaska, our state tree [the Sitka spruce] gifts us with new growth in the form of soft, vibrant-green, citrus-y spruce tips. In addition to being tasty, spruce tips are packed with Vitamin C! Try mixing the jelly in a cocktail or pair with your favorite cheese [it goes GREAT on brie, baked or room temp].

ingredients: spruce tip infusion [water, spruce tips], sugar, pectin



Tart and fruity rhubarb make for a spreadable addition to a variety of dishes. Top vanilla ice cream or toast, use with poultry or spread and bake on salmon.

Ingredients: Rhubarb Puree (Rhubarb, Water), Sugar, Pectin.

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