Just a couple funnies and updates [email sent 11-30-20]

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If you read my last email - sorry for the typos and the confusion. It was a late one. We've fixed it up a bit and it's all better now :) 
[Britni] Good evening my diary peepers. I hope your Monday was as good as mine was. 

This will be a quickie. Just wanted to clarify some things about my last email, share some funny stuff, and say thank you.

I'll start with the funnies and put the boring updates about orders and shipping and discount codes and all the ways I royally fucked up my last email at the bottom. :)

First things first... I can't stop laughing at this hilarious meme someone sent me today:
[insert one thousand laughing/crying emojis] I cannot get enough of this. Thanks Jeanette. 
The other thing that I wanted to share was that we got our hate-y-est hate mail yet (in response to the email about my mom's website launch of all things - pretty sure that was my cleanest email yet - and I can't imagine how he would have responded to Human Stuff or The Revolt).

I'm just sharing this because I know you guys care. It is still true that there are hundreds of positive vibes for every negative one and don't worry, there's no way it's going to slow my roll. BUT there is no denying that it is some entertaining ass shit.. so I went ahead and made a TikTok video about it.. Well, actually two videos because my response to the email barely fit in a 1 minute video. I filmed myself like 20 times and had to keep taking words out here and there to make it work, but I did and I think it was worth it.. I've never read out loud so fast before. 

 Here is the first video where I read the hate mail.

Aaaannd.. here is the second one where I read my response to it.
I still can't decide which is worse - being told that if I continue this email, I'm going to end up back in the gutter where I came from, or being compared to you know who lol.. 

Either way. Sheesh that was mean. I get it. My stuff is not for everyone. But, I didn't sign anyone up for this and it is also why I am now going to put the unsubscribe link at the top of every email. If someone doesn't want to be here, they shouldn't be. We're here to have fun, do a little swearin, laughin, maybe a little salt sellin. No harm. Just a good laugh ya know. Party poopers go home! and Godspeed. 

Again, I am only sharing because it is something to talk about and it is super entertaining. Which is what we are here for, right? :) Hope you got a kick out of that like I did. 

And, THANK YOU to everyone who comments, emails, or posts some positive vibes. We love you, we feel you, and we are here for YOU.

omg look at his hands.. [insert I just peed myself laughing at this meme emoji]
Welp. Here we are diary. It is 9:35 pm Alaska Time as I type this on the last day of November 2020. 


One more month of this rollercoaster of 2020 to go. 

I have to say, this month in particular was probably the wildest month of my life. Thank you all for going on the journey with me. Might as well not let the oversharing stop here.. so I wanted to fill you in on our November sales goal that we announced in the Holy Shit TikTok email. We made a goal of trying to do $104,000 in sales in order to buy a lot of the equipment we need to expand our production capacity. 

Well, guys we got pretty fucking close:
I feel like it would be less intimate to show you a pic of my boobs.. But, we've been open about our goals and our intentions and I want you to know this is ALL you guys. We have not had any paid marketing besides this email for the month of November (yes, we have to pay to send these emails). 


If you've been following for a while you know I am a psychopath about my goals. But there is not a chance in hell I could be sad about this achievement. This is, obviously, by far out best month in salt co history..

Wait, an order for $38.60 just came in...
There ya go. That's as current as this diary is ever going to get. I believe we could have 100% reached that goal if we didn't have that little hiccup (you know, getting COVID and shutting down). I have no regrets about ditching our Black Friday plan to snuggle my kids. 

All things considered, this month could not have gone any better (besides Casey getting COVID of course, but he is fine now btw, and a free man who survived the 'VID). We are humbled, grateful, and excited for the future.

It feels like the end of a chapter for some reason. I haven't even thought for one second what next month will bring. But for the time being, our little salt business is still in business. We're growing. We added two more salties to our team and we are getting set up to make a fuck load more salt. 
Ok, not that much of a fuck load. We're still doin it by hand y'all. 

Anyway, here I am rambling. This was supposed to be short and sweet.

There was some confusion about the Cyber Monday discount code. Allow me to clarify: the free shipping applies to apparel but not our salty goods. The apparel is drop-shipped but we still spend a fortune shipping our goodies from AK. So, sorry we can't do both. 

I'll make a new code that is good until tomorrow night to honor the one I sent for last night (some folks reported having trouble using it). 
^ and that shit goes both ways. Sorry bro.
With gratitude from the entire Salt Squad, we present this offering of a 10% discount if you have not already spent your life savings at our store. If you have already, bless you. You helped create two more jobs in our awesome tiny town. Use this discount code:


or click this link:


This code expires December 1st, 2020 at 11:59 pm ALASKA TIME.
Holy shit you guys. It's December tomorrow!!!
Signing off. Love to you all!  Hope you're all happy and healthy and that some part of this email brought a smile to your face. That's why I write them.

XOXO Brit [the salt lady]


Here are some 2020 memes for giggles while they're still hot. 

Sea Salt.

Harvested by hand with love and respect for the ocean.

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